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  • “To the one and only… there is no one like you in the world! Thank you so very much for the two amazing designs, for the way you treated us, for the patience and love that was felt in every seam and piece of lace. You made my dream come true…love you!”
    Adi Mamo Valdmin
    Tel Aviv
  • “After a long road with the best designer in the world! Thank you for all your time, investment, and patience. The outcome was amazing and the compliments were endless. Thank you for everything, love you so much!”
    Noy Asraf
    even menachem
  • “Dear Shany, when I got to you I had an idea in my head of what I wanted. I told you to design me a dress more gorgeous than any imagination… after two long months of tension, excitement, fittings and a lot of laughter, I wore the wedding dress that you made just for me and I felt like a queen! I got endless amounts of compliments and most importantly, I was comfortable! Thank you so much for your enormous amounts of patience, even though I made you crazy, and for your drive to perfection, for all the thought you put into each stage of design, for your smile and your honesty! Love you!”
    Rut Peri
  • “Shany is first of all an amazing personality, a person with a huge heart, that gives with no boundaries. She is a rare designer, with much grace. She is worth meeting and very highly recommended.”
    Eti Doani